SATA Optical drive question...

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SATA Optical drive question...

Postby Gandelf » Sat Apr 07, 2007 10:02 pm

I'm just rebuilding my PC (it's virtually a new machine, except for the DVD writer and CD writer. I thought it would be simple enough just to connect them to the IDE port on the ASUS mobo and then Windows Vista would load automatically on boot, the first time I come to install it on my new SATA HD. However, I was just browsing the net (on my old computer) when I came across something that has dampened my spirits somewhat:- wrote:
It is very important to notice that the single ATA/133 port available on this motherboard is controlled by the JMicron chip, not by the chipset. This means that if you still have a parallel IDE optical drive it will only be recognized on Windows after you install JMicron’s driver. The problem is that this driver comes on the motherboard CD-ROM, and you won’t be able to install it, as the system does not recognize your optical drive. You can download the driver from the net, however the driver for the on-board LAN port is also on the CD-ROM… The only option you have is to copy the JMicron driver from the CD to a floppy disk or a USB pen drive using another PC. This problem happens not only with this motherboard from ASUS, but also with all other motherboards based on Intel P965 chipset we’ve seen to date. Of course if you have a SATA optical drive you won’t face this issue.

So, now I'm wondering if I'm going to have problems, because I don't have a SATA DVD drive and Windows Vista comes on DVD. I haven't got that far yet, because I'm stilling assembling the PC, but reading the above has got me a bit worried. I know I could easily afford to buy a SATA optical drive, but the IDE DVD RW I have is only a year old and it's a good make (ASUS).

Can anyone enlighten me to confirm the above or say anything to dispel my fears please?
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