Play 2 accounts on same PC and want to keep stick?

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Play 2 accounts on same PC and want to keep stick?

Postby Valky » Thu Sep 08, 2005 3:34 pm

Ok just thought i would post something for people that dont already know how to do so.

Here is how you keep stick on same PC using 2 accounts:

1) Ok right click my computer, and proceed to "Properties".

2) Click the "Advanced" Tab.

3) You will have 3 Buttons all named same "Settings" we need the "Settings" which is within the (performance) part, click that.

4) You will now be in the "Performance options", so what we do now is click the "Advanced" tab.

5) You will notice 2 options towards the top to do with "Processor Scheduling", to enable your chars to keep stick you need to check "Background Services" and hit apply at the bottom.

Now your characters will keep on stick whilst you are traveling. But i would advise to recheck it back to "Programs" and rehit apply when at the spot you intended as it will be less laggy.

Hope this helps some people. Dunno if want to make it a sticky so help people recognise it?

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Postby Craft » Thu Sep 08, 2005 10:16 pm

Thanks Valky, was having some problems before, ive also given my system more virtual memory which may help some additional users, effortless two accounts logged on at the same time, thanks again :)

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