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Guild Hunts... organisers please read...

PostPosted: Thu Dec 22, 2005 12:19 pm
by Gandelf
If you organise a hunt, have a definite start time and end time. Bear in mind European time zones and that some players get home from work late and have to get up early for work the next day. Therefore, avoid organising hunts that start too early and end too late. A rough guide is don't start guild hunts before 19:00 GMT (20:00 CET) and end them no later than 22:00 GMT (23:00 CET), especially on weekdays. Start and end times for weekend hunts don't really matter.

Players who want to carry on after a hunt can of course do so... that's their choice, but please ensure that you arrange to escort all players out of dangerous locations when they need to log, or at the official end time of the hunt.